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Friday March 30, 2012

Each spring, the Orchard Green Cluster Board invites all residents to submit landscape and tree maintenance suggestions for the year.

The 2011-2012 winter season has been milder than we experienced the prior two years. While snow and storm damage has been minimal, our maturing trees and common area green spaces still need our attention to keep the cluster in good shape.

Your Board conservatively allocates funds for Landscape and Tree work each year. We consider resident suggestions submitted each spring, when prioritizing and funding the project plans for the rest of the year. Each resident request is discussed and evaluated by the board.

Your cluster’s 2012 landscape and tree maintenance needs and priorities will be considered at the Board’s April 10th meeting.  Cluster residents are welcome to attend this and any other meetings.

Please click on the link below to access the form. This will open up another window.

One thought on “Landscaping

  1. I would like the tree, in the rear of our house, removed. It is located on cluster property. It is close to and blocking my tree. Removal of my tree is impossible without first removing the clusters’ tree. The last time we had water damage in our basement, I noticed fine-line cracks in our foundation. My thought is that the tree roots are causing the cracks in the foundation. Thank you for your consideration, Barry Fix/ Susan Vogelson

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